SEVENTH INSTALLMENT OF THE RAD SONG SERIES LETS GO! 14. Kites – N.E.R.D. ft. Kendrick Lamar and M.I.A. 13. IDK – Jesse Rutherford 12. Heaven – The Neighbourhood 11. Lucky People – Waterparks 10. Fallen – Jaden Smith 9. Bankrobber – Caleborate 8. Roaches – Maxo Kream 7.  See Me – Rich Brian 6. Like… Continue reading RAD SONGS SEVEN

Rad Songs (…I wanna say 6??..)

ATTENTION: IT’S ALMOST OVER The semester that is. That being the case, my posts will be a lot less dense because I won’t have the time to put into it, and for that I apologise. However I will do my best to keep posting something and keep you guys entertained. So anyway, here’s some songs… Continue reading Rad Songs (…I wanna say 6??..)

I Did Another Thing (I Think It goes Without Saying That You Should To)

Yesterday I shared my 10 quintessential teenage albums with you guys. After sharing that with some of my friends, they decided to not only make a list for middle/high school, but for college as well. Now this list is a little different seeing as most people change quite a bit in their college years. Not… Continue reading I Did Another Thing (I Think It goes Without Saying That You Should To)

RS3: The Return

At this point, I’m well aware that all of your friends are dead, your mask is undoubtedly off (you had it on at one point, but at last minute said “fuck it”), and that whenever you happen to be in the city of New York, you tend to milly rock whilst also hiding “it” in… Continue reading RS3: The Return

I Double Dare you to read this (Album review)

It may be a few days before Christmas, but I can’t stop thinking about Waterparks. What? no, not those kinds of water parks. Waterparks with a capital W. You know, the guys I talked about once before. Exactly. 2016 has been a pretty big year for the Houston trio, with being one of the more… Continue reading I Double Dare you to read this (Album review)

Mixtape Monday!

Here we are again. Miserably maneuvering through the mundanity  that is Monday. Wishing that we had a garbage powered time traveling Delorean that could, once we got the speed up to 88 mph, take us to the end of the week (or at least to right when Thanksgiving dinner is ready). But unless you’ve befriended… Continue reading Mixtape Monday!