Loosie Goosie

It’s the weirdest part of the year ladies and gentlemen. Christmas has come and gone and now we’re in limbo. Nobody knows exactly what day it is, Christmas decorations are unplugged but still hanging off of roofs, and you can’t go on the internet for 10 minutes without being assaulted by a myriad of End… Continue reading Loosie Goosie

Rad songs 9: Novenary Numbers

Hey dudes, are you tired of listening to the same seven songs over and over? Do you feel the need for some excitement for your mundane musical life? Are you getting fatigued from reading questions that I’m using as a rhetorical device to make it seem like you have a problem that only I know… Continue reading Rad songs 9: Novenary Numbers


Long time no read right? Or would it be long time no write?….But then it would read “Long time no write right?”….whatever you get what I was trying to say…. ANYWAY, hi! I know it’s been almost a month since you heard from me, but lucky for you I’m going to post at least 3… Continue reading R8

Transition Themes

Ever listen to an album and wonder why the best song is the shortest song? It was probably an interlude. In my opinion, interludes are the unsung heroes of most albums. Not only are they beautiful and captivating, but they often train your ear to get ready for a upcoming change. Typically the songs following… Continue reading Transition Themes


SEVENTH INSTALLMENT OF THE RAD SONG SERIES LETS GO! 14. Kites – N.E.R.D. ft. Kendrick Lamar and M.I.A. 13. IDK – Jesse Rutherford 12. Heaven – The Neighbourhood 11. Lucky People – Waterparks 10. Fallen – Jaden Smith 9. Bankrobber – Caleborate 8. Roaches – Maxo Kream 7.  See Me – Rich Brian 6. Like… Continue reading RAD SONGS SEVEN

Tyler, The Creator RANKED

Sophomore year of high school, I spent a copious amount of time on a now deactivated website called Strike Gently. Now SG was wild weird site. It hosted everything from downloads of movies that had just come out, to merchandise celebrating the site owner’s favorite male porn star (Johnny Sins, in case you were wondering),… Continue reading Tyler, The Creator RANKED

My Top Twenty Tunes of 2017 (okay actually albums, but I was going for alliteration)

Yeah I know, that title is pretty long. So its the penultimate day of the year, and I’m sure you’re seeing top 10 lists EVERYWHERE, and I know you’re probably sick of them. Luckily for you guys I try to put my own twist on things. So this will be a top 20  list of… Continue reading My Top Twenty Tunes of 2017 (okay actually albums, but I was going for alliteration)