SEVENTH INSTALLMENT OF THE RAD SONG SERIES LETS GO! 14. Kites – N.E.R.D. ft. Kendrick Lamar and M.I.A. 13. IDK – Jesse Rutherford 12. Heaven – The Neighbourhood 11. Lucky People – Waterparks 10. Fallen – Jaden Smith 9. Bankrobber – Caleborate 8. Roaches – Maxo Kream 7.  See Me – Rich Brian 6. Like… Continue reading RAD SONGS SEVEN

I Did Another Thing (I Think It goes Without Saying That You Should To)

Yesterday I shared my 10 quintessential teenage albums with you guys. After sharing that with some of my friends, they decided to not only make a list for middle/high school, but for college as well. Now this list is a little different seeing as most people change quite a bit in their college years. Not… Continue reading I Did Another Thing (I Think It goes Without Saying That You Should To)

Well this is embarrassing

Soooooo….. I spent the better part of my day writing an album review for you guys. I spent hours writing it, picking out the perfect gifs, and proofreading (and I never proofread…but I’m sure that’s obvious 😅). Anyway I put all of this time and effort into this review just for everything but the introduction… Continue reading Well this is embarrassing

Three Thumbs Up! (Also Best of 2016)

Okay so there are two days left in the year and I haven’t covered half of the albums that are on my best of the year list. Anyway I figure that I can at least do three more even though they might have to be condensed a little bit. So here are three more albums… Continue reading Three Thumbs Up! (Also Best of 2016)

Throwback Thursday (but also not?)

Hey guys guess what? FINALS ARE OVER!!!!! Well, they are for me at least. I recognize that some of my readers either haven’t started taking finals yet, or are simply not finished with them. If you’re a part of that group, then I wish you the best of luck. Not that you guys are going… Continue reading Throwback Thursday (but also not?)

Mixtape Monday (#000000 & #FFFFFF)

Hey peeps, I am knee deep in finals right now. Well it’s only Monday and I only have two left so more like ankle deep I suppose…BUT THE POINT IS, during this time of extreme stress I still felt the need to deliver to my audience even under duress. I do this partly because I… Continue reading Mixtape Monday (#000000 & #FFFFFF)