First Reaction Friday (10/13/17)

It’s Friday! You know what that means….wait you don’t? Dude… I’ve been doing this for like two weeks now….fine whatever I forgive you. Anyway, I’ve been listening to newly released music since last night, and I took some notes on some of the songs I’d heard. This week’s list is mostly comprised of Gucci Mane… Continue reading First Reaction Friday (10/13/17)

Why Infinity On High is great

After Fall Out Boy smashed into the mainstream with their wildly successful sophomore album, From Under The Cork Tree, many wondered what the band was going to do next. Would they keep up that momentum? Would they continue to churn out hit after hit? Would they peter out? Ten years ago this month we received… Continue reading Why Infinity On High is great

Rad songs 2!

Hey dudes dudettes, are you tired of listening to the same eight songs over and over? Do you feel the need for more excitement for your mundane musical life? Are you getting fatigued from reading questions that I’m using as a rhetorical device to make it seem like you have a problem that only I… Continue reading Rad songs 2!