An American’s Guide to Listening to Foreign Rap Music

If you know me personally, then you know that I love to listen to foreign music from time to time. I especially enjoy rap music from other countries. I love that something created by my people has transcended across continents, and languages, and the fact that rap culture isn’t just limited to American culture. I… Continue reading An American’s Guide to Listening to Foreign Rap Music

RS3: The Return

At this point, I’m well aware that all of your friends are dead, your mask is undoubtedly off (you had it on at one point, but at last minute said “fuck it”), and that whenever you happen to be in the city of New York, you tend to milly rock whilst also hiding “it” in… Continue reading RS3: The Return

“Lemon Pepper Wet”

By this point you guys should know that I am a huge fan of Donald Glover. Childish Gambino (his musical moniker if you somehow didn’t know) has been one of my favorite artists ever since I first heard Freaks n Geeks, I forced everyone I knew to watch his stand up special(Weirdo) when it came… Continue reading “Lemon Pepper Wet”