Rad Songs (Spooky Edition)

ITS THE GREATEST DAY EVER!!!!! As you can probably tell, Halloween is my favorite holiday so of course I have a special Halloween playlist that I’ve been listening to all day. What’s that? You want me to share it with you? Well you’re in luck! Here’s a small sample of the songs that I’ve been… Continue reading Rad Songs (Spooky Edition)

I Cried Four Times: A Concert Review

Tuesday I felt like I’d been hit by a couple of Mack trucks. I was running off of a couple of hours of sleep, and I’d only eaten twice that day.  I struggled in the weight room, and I died at track practice (Though, if we’re being completely fair here, that was the desired effect… Continue reading I Cried Four Times: A Concert Review

Tuesday Twenty

In six days I will, hopefully, be taking part in a wall of death. Aside from running into strangers at top speed, I expect to be singing until my voice leaves me, moshing till I can’t feel my extremities, and crying while surrounded by the aforementioned strangers (hopefully there won’t be any hard feelings about… Continue reading Tuesday Twenty

Three Thumbs Up!

Hey guys, This will be a reoccurring series that I do from time to time. In this series I’ll briefly discuss three albums that I love, what I love about them, and why I think you should check them out. I’ll try to keep these posts brief, but there’s a possibility that I’ll end up… Continue reading Three Thumbs Up!