Tyler, The Creator RANKED

Sophomore year of high school, I spent a copious amount of time on a now deactivated website called Strike Gently. Now SG was wild weird site. It hosted everything from downloads of movies that had just come out, to merchandise celebrating the site owner’s favorite male porn star (Johnny Sins, in case you were wondering),… Continue reading Tyler, The Creator RANKED

Guest List Part deux

So last week’s Guest List was comprised of rappers who’s music I personally don’t care for…unless they happened to be a guest on someone else’s track. For this list I wanted to share some artists whose discographies I already love, but seem to shine extra bright on their features. People who I tend to call… Continue reading Guest List Part deux

Earl or Vince?

Yesterday was a day that, for many, was long awaited(and no I’m not just talking about Pay day). Vince Staples dropped his sophomore album Big Fish Theory. As of now I’ve only listened to the album about 5 or 6 times, but thus far I love it. It’s simultaneously everything that I’ve come to expect… Continue reading Earl or Vince?