Rad songs 9: Novenary Numbers

Hey dudes, are you tired of listening to the same seven songs over and over? Do you feel the need for some excitement for your mundane musical life? Are you getting fatigued from reading questions that I’m using as a rhetorical device to make it seem like you have a problem that only I know… Continue reading Rad songs 9: Novenary Numbers

Kanye West RANKED

Kanye West is one of the most talked about figures in Hip-Hop. Good or bad everyone has an opinion of him and most people have an abundance of things to say about him (again good or bad). I would never claim to be an expert on Yeezy, but I did grow up on Kanye, in… Continue reading Kanye West RANKED

I Did Another Thing (I Think It goes Without Saying That You Should To)

Yesterday I shared my 10 quintessential teenage albums with you guys. After sharing that with some of my friends, they decided to not only make a list for middle/high school, but for college as well. Now this list is a little different seeing as most people change quite a bit in their college years. Not… Continue reading I Did Another Thing (I Think It goes Without Saying That You Should To)

…Hey guys…miss me? I KNOW I KNOW, I just disappeared on you with no updates. I am a wretch of a man, and I have no excuses for it. I humbly, and sincerely apologize and I hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive me. In the time that I’ve been away… Continue reading

14 Bests

I didn’t get to talk about every album that made my best of 2016 list before the year ended. But that’s okay I can talk about those albums whenever I want to. However, I feel like it would be a disservice to you guys if I didn’t at least let you know what some of… Continue reading 14 Bests