Adequate Life: A Review

Upon first listen I was very unsure of this project. It wasn’t very cohesive and the artist seemed to be suffering from an(other) identity crisis. I wasn’t positive that I’d give it more than two listens, but  Jacob Rodriguez asked for a review ( and when that hunk of a man asks you to do… Continue reading Adequate Life: A Review

I Cried Four Times: A Concert Review

Tuesday I felt like I’d been hit by a couple of Mack trucks. I was running off of a couple of hours of sleep, and I’d only eaten twice that day.  I struggled in the weight room, and I died at track practice (Though, if we’re being completely fair here, that was the desired effect… Continue reading I Cried Four Times: A Concert Review

Tuesday Twenty

In six days I will, hopefully, be taking part in a wall of death. Aside from running into strangers at top speed, I expect to be singing until my voice leaves me, moshing till I can’t feel my extremities, and crying while surrounded by the aforementioned strangers (hopefully there won’t be any hard feelings about… Continue reading Tuesday Twenty


A couple of days ago I asked my followers on Twitter what genre of music that they thought I listened to the most out of four options. The question was mostly rhetorical since I listen to all of the options pretty equally. I just wanted to see what the public perception of my tastes was,… Continue reading OPEN UP THE PIT