Mixtape Monday

And we’re back. Back to our routines. Back to going through the motions. Back to praying for the end of the week. Back to relating a little too much to a certain Lasagna loving feline who for whatever reason shares a name with one of our more forgettable presidents. I’m no doctor, but I think… Continue reading Mixtape Monday

Thanksback Thursgiving…Day

THE DAY WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR IS FINALLY UPON US. After what has seemed like the longest week ever, we are finally free to relax, sit back, and file into a blue police box that’s bigger on the inside. I mean i guess you could’ve been counting down the days until you could… Continue reading Thanksback Thursgiving…Day

Mixtape Monday!

Here we are again. Miserably maneuvering through the mundanity  that is Monday. Wishing that we had a garbage powered time traveling Delorean that could, once we got the speed up to 88 mph, take us to the end of the week (or at least to right when Thanksgiving dinner is ready). But unless you’ve befriended… Continue reading Mixtape Monday!

Three Thumbs Up!

Hey guys, This will be a reoccurring series that I do from time to time. In this series I’ll briefly discuss three albums that I love, what I love about them, and why I think you should check them out. I’ll try to keep these posts brief, but there’s a possibility that I’ll end up… Continue reading Three Thumbs Up!