14 Bests

I didn’t get to talk about every album that made my best of 2016 list before the year ended. But that’s okay I can talk about those albums whenever I want to. However, I feel like it would be a disservice to you guys if I didn’t at least let you know what some of… Continue reading 14 Bests

Three More Thumbs Up!

THREE MORE REVIEWS WHEEEEEEE!!!!!! Okay here we go It’s no secret that Kid Cudi’s last couple of projects have been… disappointing to say the least… While artists are expected to grow over time and expand their horizons, Cudi tended to expand a bit too much. Personally, I liked some of his last efforts. The WZRD… Continue reading Three More Thumbs Up!

Three Thumbs Up! (Also Best of 2016)

Okay so there are two days left in the year and I haven’t covered half of the albums that are on my best of the year list. Anyway I figure that I can at least do three more even though they might have to be condensed a little bit. So here are three more albums… Continue reading Three Thumbs Up! (Also Best of 2016)

I Double Dare you to read this (Album review)

It may be a few days before Christmas, but I can’t stop thinking about Waterparks. What? no, not those kinds of water parks. Waterparks with a capital W. You know, the guys I talked about once before. Exactly. 2016 has been a pretty big year for the Houston trio, with being one of the more… Continue reading I Double Dare you to read this (Album review)

Best of 2016(imo): Reflections In Real Time

Last Thursday I introduced some of you to the musical stylings of Kilo Kish with my Throwback Thursday post. I did that because I think more people need to hear her amazing voice (seriously it’s one of the most distinctive voices in music today), and also because I wanted to start talking about my favorite… Continue reading Best of 2016(imo): Reflections In Real Time