Hey Guys, It’s Dare. Some of  you may know me from my other blog about superhero junk, and while I love superheroes and superhero media, it’s difficult to talk about on a regular basis and I’d like to spend time blogging about one of my other passions. That passion is music which is something that I love more than J. Jonah Jameson loves to not pay Peter Parker for pictures of Spider-Man. Now I know there are probably thousands of music blogs out there, but what sets this blog apart from those blogs is that I’m going to be sharing whatever I’ve been jamming that week with you guys. I’m not sticking to one specific genre, or specific artists, and if I were you, I wouldn’t be surprised to find posts about songs that haven’t been on the airwaves for years. I think music brings people together so I’m really excited to share the stuff I like with you guys. As with my superhero blog most of the content I blog about will come with an explanation of what it is, what I like about it, and a rating. I hope you guys will enjoy reading this as I will writing it!

There’s some flava for your ear

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