How Bout Some HOV?

Jay-Z has always been one of those artists that I’m unsure about. Every time I’m confident that I don’t really like him, I hear a verse that just completely blows me away. And even the projects that he has that I’m not a fan of are quality projects. When Jay-Z makes a “bad” album it’s not a flop. It’s just not to the ridiculously high standards of work that we’re used to from him. When fans are disappointed in Jay-Z’s music it’s like a teacher being disappointed because an A+ student made an A- on an assignment. It’s not the usual, but it’s still pretty good. In fact Jay-Z’s skill is so well revered that today, June 15th, 2017, he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame (becoming the first rapper to ever do so). In honor of that, I figured I’d share with you my favorite Jay-Z songs/songs with my favorite verses by HOV.


10. Money Ain’t A Thang – Jay Z, Jermaine Dupree/ Takeover – Jay Z

9. I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me) – Jay Z, Pharrell

8. Dirt Off Your Shoulder – Jay Z

7. D’evils – Jay Z

6. Crazy In Love – Beyonce, Jay Z

5. Song Cry – Jay Z/Drug Dealers Anonymous – Pusha T, Jay Z

4. Takeover – Jay Z

3. Song Cry – Jay Z/ Frontin – Pharrell – Jay Z

2. Diamonds Are Forever (Remix) – Kanye West, Jay Z

1. Big Pimpin – Jay Z, UGK


Did your favorite Jay-Z song make the list? What’s your favorite Jay-Z album? (Mine is The Black Album, Watch the Throne is a close second if we’re counting collaborative projects) Let me know! Also I recognize that my last three or four posts have all been song lists and I promise that you’ll be getting different content soon.


Remember, if you have something that you want me to check out/review to reach out to me via twitter @badicaldude

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