We Did Detonate: A Concert Review

As promised, I’m back with a review of the Pierce The Veil concert that I attended last night.

These guys, remember?


If you know me, then you know I prefer to be in the front when I go to shows. This provides for better optics, and higher chances of catching items thrown into the crowd from the stage. Also I like to touch the lead singers when they crowd surf/ come into the audience to touch hands or whatever.


Well if you want to be in the front, your best bet is to wait in line for hours, which is EXACTLY what I did. The show started at 7 p.m. and I was there at 9 a.m. Unfortunately I didn’t make friends like last time, but that’s okay because I brought my own. My best friend Kendall and I passed the time, by trekking the surrounding area in search of bathrooms, discussing personal issues, shoving snacks into our respective face holes, and cringing in annoyance at the obnoxious teenagers that were also waiting in line.

This was basically us the entire time

I also signed up to be a member of Fearless Records’ street team, and if anything comes from that I will e sure to let you guys know.


I didn’t know this band was gonna be there and they didn’t have any logos on their setup so I didn’t take any pictures of it. Though if I’m being completely honest that’s probably due to the fact that they didn’t have much of a set up. Just a drum kit. As they approached the stage I realized that’s because the band is only comprised of two members. A drummer and a vocalist/guitarist. Their set was…. interesting. The drummer was phenomenal, beating the hell out of her drums, playing dope rhythms and keeping my attention. The vocalist gave me a weird vibe. you could hardly hear him at times, and he  seemed to be displeased that more people didn’t know who they were and was kind of being a sarcastic whiny fuck. Also he kept badly dancing to the songs and humping  the air and it just made me really uncomfortable. I give Chapel a 4/10.

it was like this, but with more pelvic thrusting


my view during Emarosa’s set. IN STUNNING ANDROID VISION

So Emarosa is one of those bands that I know I would enjoy, but never listen to.  A huge reason for this is that for as long as I’ve known about the band I’ve known about the behind the scenes drama and constant line up changes that plague them. I wasn’t super amped for their set because I only really know one song by them and that song was made two vocalists ago so I knew the likelihood of it being played was pretty low. Plus I was still in a weird spot from Chapel’s hump filled set. Then Emarosa came on stage and their frontman jumped into the crowd as soon as the first note of the the first song played. To say that these guys were high energy would be a major understatement. The frontman spent a total of 10 minutes on stage. the rest of the time he was crowd surfing, crowd walking, or just singing while hanging out in the middle of the pit. He was definitely all about the fans. The three coolest moments of their set were:

  1. when the vocalist climbed above and behind the drummers kit and jumped, clearing the kit, but almost overshooting and landing offstage.
  2. During a guitar solo, the vocalist grabbed the playing guitarist by the waist and spun him into a flip.
  3. The vocalist goes off stage and positions himself directly under guitarist. Guitarist gets on vocalist’s back for piggy back ride. Vocalist then gives guitarist piggy back ride INTO CROWD AND SINGING THE ENTIRE TIME NEVER MISSING A NOTE.

I will definitely be checking out some newer Emarosa after that. They left me so dazzled that I didn’t even mind the fact that they didn’t play the one song that I know. Emarosa gets an 8/10



I swear I will never underestimate openers again.

I was excited for exactly three Sum 41 songs. In Too Deep, All to Blame (which I wasn’t even sure they were going to play) and –

“FAT LIP” – you guys as soon as you saw the words Sum 41

…yeah…that one…

Anyway, Sum 41 really rode the wave of intensity that Emarosa left on. They came onstage frantically ripping into a mosh worthy song and as soon as they finished Deryck (the tiny lead singer and guitarist who despite being 37 years old is STILL rocking the same spiky punk do he’s had since he was 17) grabbed three members of the audience and put them on stage for the rest of their set rock out with the band. They then played a mix of jams old and new (who even knew that they had new jams?), and we, as an audience, ate up every one. In one awesome moment Deryck was praising Dave (the band’s lead guitarist who SHOOK MY HAND AFTER THE SHOW nbd) and his extensive knowledge of metal. Dave then began to play the intro to Cowboys From Hell by Pantera, and that led into All To Blame. Which just so happened to be the song that I wanted them to play most. The song also birthed a circle pit in the middle of the crowd, which was impressive because up until that point, the vibe that I was getting told me that there would be no mosh pits of any shape or form at this show. They ended their set with In Too Deep and of course, Fat Lip. I gotta say Fat Lip live is an experience that I think everyone should have at least once. You haven’t lived until you’ve been a part of a crowd of 100+ people singing out “the doctor told my mom she should have had the abortion.” Sum 41’s set was so good that when they finished people were chanting out encore, and we hadn’t even gotten to the headliner yet!  Sum 41 gets a 9/10



First, I HAVE to applaud PTV for opening the set with Texas Is Forever. I know it seems a bit on the nose, but it really was the perfect way to start off. Also as soon as they took the stage the crowd became swaying around constantly. We became less of a crowd and more of a sort of sea of people

Kind of like this

One thing that I’ve always loved about Pierce The Veil is the honesty of the lyrics. Whether you’ve been in similar situations or not you can really empathize with Vic when he’s singing, and I have to say that those feelings are amplified when you’re in a venue full of people all singing lyrics like “How do you know how deep to go before its real?” and “I don’t wanna wait for the down set date cause I would rather end it all tonight/ If I mean anything to you I’m sorry, but I’ve made up my mind” I didn’t cry, but I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t feeling it in these moments. Speaking of  emotional moments, one of the biggest ones of the night occurred when most of the band left the stage, leaving Vic alone with an acoustic guitar. He then said ” I’m gonna take this moment to invite some friends on to the stage” and brought a young man and his girlfriend on stage. The young man the proposed to his girlfriend, and she freaked out and said yes and we all cheered and lost our minds. It was truly a beautiful moment. Following this Vic played a cover of the song Issues by Julia Michaels (which was the only song during the entire set that I didn’t know). All in all, Pierce The Veil knows how to put on a show. I was not disappointed at all. They played a perfect mix of older songs and newer songs, and they played a majority of the songs on my top ten list (what if they’re secretly fans?)! Kendall and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and from beginning to end there was not a single song that the audience wasn’t singing every word to. It was truly an experience to be envied. PTV most definitely gets a 10/10. Oh yeah- I almost forgot to mention that I TOUCHED VIC AND JAMIE

before you judge me remember that

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