Adequate Life: A Review

Upon first listen I was very unsure of this project. It wasn’t very cohesive and the artist seemed to be suffering from an(other) identity crisis. I wasn’t positive that I’d give it more than two listens, but  Jacob Rodriguez asked for a review ( and when that hunk of a man asks you to do something, saying no is comparable to kicking a baby penguin in the face) so by golly I will give you a review! So without any further stalling or shoddy intro writing, here is my review of More Life.



More Life was an album that was highly anticipated (though to be completely honest, I think all of Drake’s projects are highly anticipated). Fans couldn’t wait for Champagne Papi to drop another slew of hits, and others (i.e. me) were anxious to see if he would redeem himself from the audio garbage fire that was Views. Well after almost an entire month of listening, I can report that he kind of did?

I mean…

“Free Smoke” came on and I immediately started to bob my head. The beat was hard, Drake was sending those subliminal shots that he’s become infamous for, and he sounded like himself, so far so good. After that song I was hopeful that maybe rapping Drake was back…I wasn’t completely wrong… “No Long Talk” featured more rapping, but instead of Drake I was hearing some guy doing a really bad south London accent. I then realized that this was the 6 God’s new persona. I rolled my eyes and got over it ,but then this man slid back into his Jafakin accent from Views for THE NEXT FIVE TRACKS.

 I feel you Robin Hood

Though to be completely honest, two of those five tracks were kind of wavy. Unfortunately, those two songs weren’t enough to keep me from being bored until I got to “4422”. For those of you who are unaware, “4422” is the 9th song on the album. So basically I was 2 tracks away from being halfway through the album and I was snoring. Well until I heard Sampha’s voice anyway, then my mood changed completely.  The song is heavy with ambiance and it perfectly sets the tone for the following song. Honestly, “4422” is probably my favorite song on the entire album which is wild because Drake isn’t even on it. It then flawlessly transitions into “Gyalchester”, and I can’t even front “Gyalchester” is a banger and deserves a spot on every party’s playlist. He follows that up with another song that doesn’t feature him at all “Skepta’s Interlude” in which Skepta goes off (but if you’re no stranger to Skepta then you expected nothing less), “Portland” is next, and though it bored me with the first two verses Travis Scott saved it for me (don’t even try to talk to me about that weak ass flute).  “Sacrifices” was flames too, but again, I was kind of bored until I heard Young Thug’s verse (side note: I’m not really a Young Thug fan, but his features always tempt me to change my mind. [side side note: If you think his verse in “Sacrifices is his best verse, then you clearly didn’t hear his verse on Rick Ross’ “Trap Trap Trap”]). The next song dipped in terms of quality for me and I didn’t enjoy it as much, but I was just surprised that I was enjoying this much of a Drake album after 2011.

me during that five song run

The next song that sparked my interest was “KMT”. I loved the beat and Drake’s (stolen?) flow, but his tone sounded boring and it turned me off a little bit. All hope was lost during Giggs’ verse. “Lose You” was a welcome return to form. In this song Drake gets introspective and looks back at all of those that used to ride with him, but have hopped off of the bandwagon as the years went on. From family to fans, he tries to figure exactly what it is that made people decide to stop rocking with him. It reminded me of one of my favorite earlier songs of his, “Fear”. The rest of the album is kind of boring to me. A good amount of people on the interwebs talk about how “Glow” is a great song, but the only thing that stands out to me is the Earth, Wind & Fire sample at the end of it. “Fake Love” also gets alot of praise, but that song is SUPER annoying and is the epitome of the “Drake makes wack watered down content to appeal to larger audiences and make more money” argument. If this album were shorter, “Do Not Disturb” would have been a great song, but being the 22nd track, I’m just happy to be at the end every time I get to it.

Overall I think More Life is okay. I like it more than I’ve liked his last three or so projects, but it’s still not making any of my favorites lists. It’s not a cohesive body of work at all; Drake tried to skirt around this fact by calling it a “playlist”, but when was the last time you went on iTunes and paid $15.00 for a playlist?

nigga please

Also the album had far too many random recordings of someone talking that added no substance to the album in any way. Also, ALSO I had to hear “more chune for your headtop…” more times than I will EVER be okay with. Also, ALSO, ALSO I am worn out by the 50 shades of Drake at this point. But my biggest problem with this album is the fact that most of the songs that I really enjoyed, I enjoyed for reasons other than Drake. Often I’m just listening to Drake’s verses waiting for him to finish so that I can get to the good part. And if you’re getting out shined by all of your features (except for  Giggs, smh), then I can’t in good conscience call your album good.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Standout Tracks: 4422, Gyalchester, Skepta’s Interlude, Portland, Lose You

Favorite Line:

By Featured Artist:
“No, I did not sign with Jay/ but I still send a Tidal wave” – Travis Scott

By Drake: “Virginia Black/ I could make million off that and not even rap/ What’s that? Facts”

So There you have it. Do you agree with this review? Do you vehemently disagree? Do you not even care because Kendrick Lamar’s album leaked a day early and that’s all you’ll care about for the next week and a half? Let me know in the comments. Got an album that you want my take on, or just think I’d like? Hit me up on Twitter  at @Badicaldude. Who knows, I might write about your suggestion next.

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