Five Faves pt. 1

Music may be an audio experience, but visuals can be crucial to leaving an impression. For me personally, there are several songs that I can’t hear without immediately picturing the accompanying music video in my head. As you know (unless you didn’t read my last post and if that’s the case, I just need to know WHY DO YOU HATE ME?!), I will be seeing Bring Me The Horizon, one of my favorite bands, in concert soon. In order to help shed some light on what made BMTH one of my favorites in the first place, I figured that I’d share five of my favorite Bring Me The Horizon music videos.

5. Follow You

4. Drown

3. Pray For Plagues

2. Blessed With A Curse

  1. The Comedown


So there ya go, my five favorite BMTH music videos. Watch them and tell me what you think. Which is your favorite? Do you think MY favorite deserved the #1 spot? (seriously though, if you skip all of the others PLEASE watch #1 I love it so much)

There’s Some Flava For Your Ear

  • Dare




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