A couple of days ago I asked my followers on Twitter what genre of music that they thought I listened to the most out of four options. The question was mostly rhetorical since I listen to all of the options pretty equally. I just wanted to see what the public perception of my tastes was, and I’m honestly a little surprised.


As you can see from my whopping 19 votes, I have a huge following on Twitter

Many of you may be under the impression that I put Deathcore in there as a joke, but I assure you that it is a very real very awesome genre of music that I happen to LOVE. (I mean I have to be in the mood for it, but when I’m feeling it you would be wise to stay out of arms reach.) Deathcore is a form of metal music that combines elements of metalcore and death metal as well as some elements of hardcore punk. It is an extremely aggressive genre of music that features breakneck tempos, earth shattering breakdowns, and vocal performances that sound like they’ve come straight from the mouth of Mephisto himself. In short, it’s perfect for sending mosh pits into a frenzy.

This is done for fun.

The following is a list of deathcore songs that I love to flail my arms wildly and body check strangers to. (Side note: for you genre purists out there, I will admit that not every band on this list is strictly a “deathcore” band. However I feel that all of the songs on this list leave the listener with a similar feeling/equal readiness to punch someone and I stand by my decisions to include them on this list. If you disagree that’s fine, just comment and explain your reasoning.)  Also, are not for the faint of heart. If you don’t like aggressive music, or can’t handle screaming, then I don’t recommend listening to any of these songs.



  1. Playing With Fire – Chelsea Grin
  2. For Stevie Wonder’s Eyes Only – Bring Me The Horizon
  3. Necropolis – The Black Dahlia Murder
  4. The Guilty Dog – Kublai Khan
  5. No Pity For A Coward – Suicide Silence (RIP Mitch Lucker)
  6. Doomblade – The Acacia Strain
  7. The Saw Is The Law – Whitechapel
  8. Hell Chose Me – Carnifex
  9. Sun of Nihility – Job For A Cowboy
  10. Extinguish Them – Within The Ruins
  11. Hester Prynne – As Blood Runs Black
  12. Mikasa – Veil of Maya
  13. Dead Planet – Oceano
  14. No Absolution – Thy Art Is Murder (BEG FOR FORGIVENESS!!!)


So there you have it. Fourteen songs perfect for your workout playlist, anytime you need to workout some anger, or just want to marvel at the speed and heaviness of this music. I hope you enjoy the songs on this list. And if you don’t, then I hope you can still look at me the same after hearing some of the music that I’m into


There’s Some Flava For Your Ear

  • Dare




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