“Lemon Pepper Wet”

By this point you guys should know that I am a huge fan of Donald Glover. Childish Gambino (his musical moniker if you somehow didn’t know) has been one of my favorite artists ever since I first heard Freaks n Geeks, I forced everyone I knew to watch his stand up special(Weirdo) when it came out, and I’ve been known to pass out whenever I see him in movie trailers. So the fact that I spent every Tuesday night of this past fall glued to my friends TV(..I don’t have cable…) to watch his new show Atlanta, should come as no surprise.

Nigga everything’s made up. Stay woke.

Now I’m not gonna gush about how amazing the show is why I loved it so much….mostly because a friend and I already did that. However, one thing that we didn’t cover is the shows soundtrack which was instrumental in conveying the many  messages that the show was delivering. And besides that, more than half of the time the show’s protagonist, Earn, has his headphones on lost in a personal jam session as he wrestles with his thoughts.


So in an effort to rectify that great mistake, I’ll provide you guys with a list of my favorite songs that played during various episodes of Atlanta. This was a difficult list compile because I love every song that that show presented me with. Even in situations where the song is in a genre or by an artist that I wouldn’t normally listen to, something about how the show used them would make me a fan of them. If you have a Tidal account you can find most of these songs on the Atlanta: Music from the Series playlist. If you don’t have Tidal then I implore you to watch or rewatch  the show with a keen ear so that you may fully experience it.

  1. The Rhythm Changes – Kamasi Quinn
  2. Gang – Max P
  3. Philosopher’s Throne – Xavier Wulf
  4. IT G MA REMIX – Keith Ape ft. Waka Flocka Flame, Father, Doumbfoundead, and A$AP Ferg
  5. Chain Gang – Sam Cooke
  6. Hit it and Quit It – Funkadelic
  7. No Hook – OJ Da Juiceman
  8. Grandma’s Hands – Bill Withers ( this song was sampled on Blackstreet’s No Diggity)
  9. Home Again – Michael Kiwanuka
  10. Cadillac Dreams – Sir ft. Big K.R.I.T.
  11. SKRT – Kodak Black
  12. Stay Up – Kehlani
  13. Other Side Of The Game – Erykah Badu
  14. Elevators – Outkast
Most of you guys when you saw Kodak on the list

So there you go. Obviously this isn’t every song that ever played on the show. Just the ones that I vibe too the most. The aforementioned Tidal playlist is a bit closer to having every song, but the Max P song on my list isn’t on it and neither is a Steve G. Lover song that played during the show’s club episode (The song is called Spray if you’re interested) or Knuck If You Buck which is a complete travesty, but anyway. I know I’ve been quiet lately, but I’m just gearing up for the upcoming semester. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t suggest albums or mixtapes for me to review though! I still need something to do in my downtown after all.

There’s Some Flava For Your Ear

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