I Double Dare you to read this (Album review)

It may be a few days before Christmas, but I can’t stop thinking about Waterparks.

when you don’t think about it, ice slides are just as fun as water slides.

What? no, not those kinds of water parks. Waterparks with a capital W. You know, the guys I talked about once before.

Oh right. The band with the guy with the hair.

Exactly. 2016 has been a pretty big year for the Houston trio, with being one of the more popular acts on the Vans Warped Tour ( STILL PISSED THAT I MISSED THEIR SET…but I got a shirt, so that’s cool), and going on tour with Sleeping With Sirens the band saw their fan base grow exponentially. Another huge piece of what made 2016 the year of the band named for a summertime recreational activity(place?), is the fact that they dropped their debut album Double Dare. This was an album that I was highly anticipating. I knew that I’d probably like it, but I didn’t expect it to like SO MUCH. So here’s why I think Double Dare is one of the best albums of 2016.

The first track on this album is the so sweet sounding it’ll give your ear type two diabetes, Hawaii (Stay Awake). This song definitely puts the pop in pop-punk , like almost too much. Admittedly when I listen to this album sometimes I opt to skip it, but doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. Hawaii is insanely catchy. It’s one of the songs  you’ll tell yourself that you don’t like, but find yourself singing all of the time. The song also has some pretty nifty lyrics and speaks on Awsten’s(The blue haired wonder in the photo above) feelings on how far his band has come and how he feels about a certain someone. Asking this mystery person to stay awake for him so he can call while he’s on tour. So while it may sound like a typical pop song, it actually has the one thing that most pop songs severely lack: substance. From Hawaii we go to Gloom Boys, which despite it’s name actually has a really upbeat sound. This is definitely done on purpose as the pre-chorus goes ” I like happy songs/with titles that don’t match at all /so spin the bottle in your brain/ and match your weakness with a name.”

The third track on DD(I promise I’m not going to speak on every song) is Stupid For You, an infectious little pop-punk ditty that serves as the main single from the album. Like Hawaii, it’s stupidly catchy(pun may or may not be intended depending on effectiveness) unlike the first track it isn’t too pop sounding. The heavy guitars and speedy drums during the hook are just enough to make the song sound like it wouldn’t be out of place on an early Fall Out Boy Album. Stupid For You is your typical pop-punk love song on its own, but put in context with the rest of the album you get the sense that maybe it’s different from the traditional love story. The song also has a pretty dope music video.

The next two songs match the tone and sound of the previous tracks(though Take Her To The Moon has sort of  Hellogoodbye sound to it) after this point the album picks up the pace a bit. Made In America and Little Violence both have a ferocious tempo and are heavy enough to sound like a sonic hurricane hitting your ears with a maelstrom of punk greatness. It Follows matches the tempo of those songs while providing the best example of assonance I’ve heard in a song in a while: “This city is insidious/I’m sitting here delirious…” While Plum Island may be a little slower, it’s just as heavy both sonically speaking and in regards to its subject matter(though to be completely honest Awsten gets pretty deep on every song).

As you can probably tell by now, I could talk about this album all day. I think it’s a really solid debut effort and I’m excited to see where Waterparks goes from here. Obviously I’m a fan of the band, so my take on this album may be a bit biased. So in order to offset that I encourage you guys to check it out yourselves and form your own opinion of it. Be sure to comment telling me what albums from 2016 you think deserve to be considered the best of the year!

Overall rating: 8/10

Standout Tracks: Royal, Dizzy, 21 Questions, Stupid For You

Favorite Line: Daylight Savings gives me time to think/ Which is the last thing that I want since I don’t drink/ So I can’t numb my feelings to avoid my thoughts/ That climb to the back of my head tie my veins in knots

There’s Some Flava For Your Ear

  • (single) Dare

3 thoughts on “I Double Dare you to read this (Album review)

  1. Some of my favorite albums of the year are:
    Unfamiliar by In Her Last Words
    All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us by Architects
    Along the Shadow by Saosin


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