Throwback Thursday(KK edition)

So this weeks Throwback Thursday will focus on an artist that I love, but I don’t think enough people are aware of. This is an artist that landed on my radar thanks to a phenomenal feature on Childish Gambino’s Royalty mixtape(a tape I’ve previously gushed a bit over). From there I went on to check out her K+ mixtape and was blown away by the production, the insanely honest lyrics, and the smooth dulcet tones of her voice. I had become a Kilo Kish fan.

me listening to K+

That was years ago, and it sort of drives me crazy that many of my friends still don’t have a clue as to who Kilo Kish is or how amazing she is. So here’s 14 songs that feature this golden voiced goddess.


  1. Melt – Chet Faker feat. Kilo Kish
  2. Dopeman – Vince Staples feat. Kilo Kish and Joey Fatts
  3. Gripp – George Staples feat. Kilo Kish
  4. Ode To A Dream – The Internet feat. Kilo Kish and Coco O.
  5. Loco – Vince Staples feat. Kilo Kish
  6. JupiterSound – Flatbush Zombies feat. Kilo Kish
  7. Indie Girls – Jesse Boykins III feat. Kilo Kish
  8. Zealots of Stockholm [Free Information] – Childish Gambino feat. Kilo Kish (bruh. This. Song.)
  9. Phat Wemin – Vince Staples feat. Kilo Kish
  10. The Palisades – Childish Gambino feat. Kilo Kish (she’s on the song for like a second)
  11. It’s You – Bondax feat. Kilo Kish
  12. Make It Go Right – Childish Gambino feat. Kilo Kish (The one that started it all!…for me anyway…)
  13. Turquoise – Kilo Kish
  14. Humans + Ants in Proportion (Unfinished) – Kilo Kish


Obviously the last two songs are her actual songs and not features, but she doesn’t do many features and I only knew of 12 so I picked two of my favorite original tracks by her to make fourteen.


Remember to suggest albums for me to review in the comments, and keep your eyes peeled for my best of 2016 posts!

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