Tape Tuesday!

So I dropped the ball yesterday and didn’t have time to post my weekly mixtape review.


So in effort to make up for that, I’m doing it today and instead of reviewing one mixtape I’m reviewing two. Sort of.

STN MTN is a 2014  mixtape that Childish Gambino released 10 months after dropping his Grammy nominated sophomore album Because The Internet

Roscoe’s Wetsuit

And just like Because The Internet, STN MTN is packing some major audio heat as well as a dope as hell concept. Gambino opens the tape by telling us that he had a dream in which he ran Atlanta and then goes into detail about the various changes he’d make to his city. These changes include keeping Chick Fil A open on Sundays, bringing back LaFace Records, and giving strippers Mother’s Day off. We are then introduced to the hard hitting sounds of this version of Atlanta by both DJ Drama and Steve Smith of American Dad. As Drama is giving his intro we enter the second part of the opening track which is Gambino’s take on the Ludacris classic Southern Hospitality.

Doesn’t this face just scream Hip-Hop?

STN MTN stays consistent with its concept throughout the entire tape as each original song has a sound reminiscent of the Atlanta Trap style that has dominated the hip-hop scene for the last half decade (Production credits are shared with Nick Banga and long time Gucci collaborator Zaytoven to ensure this). Adding to this idea feeling of the celebration of Atlanta’s musical achievement, is the fact that many of the songs aren’t original but reworkings of hit songs by other great Atlanta artists such as Future, Rich Kidz, K.Camp, Usher and more. There are also songs by lesser known Atlanta artists (who are incidentally both a part of Gambino’s ROYALTY crew…) that Bino either lends his verses to or hops on the remix of (those songs being Kari Faux’s No Small Talk and Steve G.Lover’s AssShots Remix {FEATURING THE ROYALTY CREW…did I just do parenthesis inside parenthesis…how meta}). STN MTN is one of the dopest mixtapes I’ve ever heard and should be checked out

Overall Rating: 8/10

Standout Tracks: Dream/ Southern Hospitality/ Partna Dem (there’s a mouthful), Candler Road, All Yall, Go DJ

Favorite Line: Hanalei Bay with my bae, what can I say? I did it, my timin was perfect, I’m comin’, they know it. Becoming the last great American poet.


Kauai is the EP that was released a day after STN MTN with the intent that it be played immediately following the mixtape. Conceptually Kauai has Gambino waking up from his Atlanta dream on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The EP also follows the character of The Boy (played by Jaden Smith) from the concept/script of Because The Internet. Kauai is much deeper than it’s mixtape counterpart. the EP delves deep into themes of love, nostalgia, passion, self exploration, and identity. It’s also worth noting that while Kauai has some rapping, it’s mostly full of a sort of noir R&B style singing. Not only did this show some evolution of Gambino’s style, but it served as a bit of foreshadowing for some major style changes that would occur in the future. Also Kauai had a smash single, Sober, that was accompanied by a great music video


doesn’t really look like the actions of a sober man, but alright.

Overall Rating :10/10

Standout Tracks: Sober, Poke, The Palisades, Pop Thieves

Favorite Line: I know sometimes it’s hard when I’m so far. I know you miss this di-LOVE.

So the end of the year is fast approaching and I’m thinking about doing album reviews of the better albums to be released this year. If you think this is either a great idea or a terrible waste of my time since nobody reads this bunk anyway, then comment and let me know. Also if there’s a body of music that you really want my take on be sure to comment and tell me about it and I may cover it in an upcoming review! My only stipulation is that it’s easy to find.

There’s Some Flava For Your Ear

  • Dare


Here’s another gif from the Sober music video because I know you can’t get enough

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