Throwback Thursday (but also not?)

Hey guys guess what?


This is precisely how I reacted immediately after turning in my last test

Well, they are for me at least. I recognize that some of my readers either haven’t started taking finals yet, or are simply not finished with them. If you’re a part of that group, then I wish you the best of luck. Not that you guys are going to need it because you’re all super studious geniuses who’ll ace your finals no problem!

Me right now.

So to be completely honest, I wasn’t going to post anything today. I love you guys, but I was just going to sleep all day and watch anime(don’t judge me I’m officially on break after all). BUT then I got on twitter and was inspired by a tweet by @FlyinHawaiian_5 (follow him if you want, he’s pretty chill) in which he discussed a certain cover songs. So this week’s Throwback Thursday list will  consist of cover songs that I’ve heard and loved at various points in my life.

  1. Hurt – Johnny Cash (covering Nine Inch Nails)
  2. Time After Time – Quietdrive (covering Cyndi Lauper)
  3. Year 3000 – Jonas Brothers (covering Busted)
  4. Eyeless – Bring Me The Horizon (covering Slipknot)
  5. AOTL Break – Childish Gambino (this is hardly a cover to be honest, but covering Kanye’s All of The Lights)
  6. Say My Name/Cry Me a River – The Neighbourhood (covering Destiny’s Child and Justin Timberlake)
  7. Electric Eye – As I Lay Dying (covering Judas Priest)
  8. Umbrella – All Time Low (covering Rihanna)
  9. Mercy – The Word Alive (covering Kanye and crew)
  10. Happy – Palisades (covering Pharrell)
  11. Sleepwalking – This Wild Life (covering Bring Me The Horizon)
  12. Sunday Bloody Sunday – Paramore (covering U2)
  13. 18 And Life – Asking Alexandria (covering Skid Row)
  14. Plateau – Nirvana (covering Meat Puppets)

So there ya go. I encourage you to check some of these out and see what you think(A good number of these songs are loud and screamy, so if that’s not your racket proceed with caution). If you know of some awesome cover songs that I may not know about or if you just think I’m too dense to know what a good cover sounds like, comment below and do me some learnin'(I’m sorry…I’ll never say that again..). Also remember to give me album suggestions so I can make sure that I’m reviewing music that actually care about instead of forcing my musical tastes upon you all the time.


Boyz in the Hood – Dynamite Hack (covering Eazy-E)

There’s Some Flava For Your Ear

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