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Ever since I started this blog I’ve been harassing everyone I know telling them to read my posts and comment on them. I’ve been posting and reposting the link to my posts on all of my social media with the caption “Read and comment please!” I even sent links to people I haven’t talked to in years. Now all this wasn’t just done so I could be like LOOK WHAT I’VE DONE. SHOWER ME IN PRAISE.(Although admittedly, that was a small part of it…) The main reason I’ve been hounding people to read and comment is because I wanted to start a series in which my audience (that’s you dudes and dudettes) would decide what albums/mixtapes/EPs/etc. I review. I don’t want this blog to be centered on me and my music tastes mostly because that’s boring and predictable. I want to give you guys a chance to show me what music you’re feeling and maybe by listening to it I can understand why. Plus this encourages musical diversity, not just for me but for other readers. We all have that friend that only listens to one type of music and we all make sure that he doesn’t get a hold of the aux cord. So without any further ado, here’s the first People’s Choice review.

I know, I’m excited too.

So today’s review is a mixtape by a highly successful rapper. He’s worked with The Weeknd, Gucci Mane, Travis Scott, Drake, and countless others. This artist has been a go to guy in the industry if you want a guaranteed hit, and has inspired hundreds of imitators. In fact, this artist is largely responsible for bringing hip hop’s focus back to Atlanta where it has been nestled nicely for the last couple of years. Despite all of these accomplishments, this artist does not hold the one accolade that most musicians want the most: a Grammy. But that hasn’t stopped him from putting a slew of music, albums, mixtapes, joint mixtapes one thing that you can’t question is this man’s work ethic. But the question remains, is the quality of the music matched by the quantity? This review of Future’s Purple Reign mixtape aims to answer that question.

not gonna lie, this is some dope artwork.

If you know me well, then you know that I am not a huge fan of Future. I find him to be overhyped and sometimes I think we give him as a rapper credit for using great beats when we should really be praising the producers. That being said, I listened to this tape with an open ear and an open mind because I’ve been wrong before (like 87% of the time if you ask my friends and family). From the beginning I was less than impressed. The first track is an introduction to the tape, which could have been captivating had the tape had a long running theme and had skits intermittently throughout it to reinforce that theme or tell a narrative, but since this isn’t the case it just serves as 55 seconds of unnecessary noise followed by a proclamation that Esco Moe is the coolest DJ on the planet (which is a pun that gets old really fast as the mixtape goes on). This intro is followed by All Right, a song with a lackluster beat and unimpressive rapping. It’s not a bad song but if I’m listening to this mixtape for purposes other than reviewing it, then I’m skipping it. Following this though is Wicked, the main single from this tape. Lyrically it’s not mind blowing, it’s the typical braggadocios, drug praising, stuff you expect from Future. What makes this song stand out is it’s hard hitting beat. It’s not very intricate but it’s loud and thumping and when you hear it you can’t help but move to it.

kinda like this

The rest of this tape isn’t all that exciting in my opinion. Thematically speaking it’s more of the same: “I’m richer/cooler than you, I love doing drugs more than my girlfriend that I’m cheating on, I used to sell drugs to my own family members” (which could be used to express remorse over past actions, but when the next line is about how you’re doing different drugs now it sort of takes the weight of the situation away), and mumbling with some auto-tune thrown on it set to a bass heavy beat. Of the thirteen tracks on this tape I really only like five, and some of those lose points because of bad lyricism (at one point he tried to rhyme “mail” with “stadium” and that is NOT okay.) One song particularly that I think had potential is Inside The Mattress. This song starts off sounding like the typical bragging/ druggie Future song, but in the second verse it gets personal and starts to talk about Future’s past relationship with Ciara and his feelings post break up. This glimpse into his soul is all too brief, as he goes right back to talking about cooking a kilo immediately after.

Overall I’m not really feeling this mixtape. Yeah it had my head nodding a bit, but I never felt like he was giving me a reason to listen. There was no “Here’s how I feel” or “Here’s something you should know”. There wasn’t even a ” yo check out fast I can rap/how many dope bars I can drop”. It was just like “here have some music I guess”

Future when fans asked for new music

Of course as I previously stated, I hold some bias regarding this artist and despite my best efforts that may have influenced my review. So if you think I could be being a little harsh on this tape, you should check it out yourself and form your own opinion on it.

Overall Rating: 5/10 Lyrically it’s lacking, but has some great Turn Up/ Club Banger type songs

Standout Tracks: Wicked (wiki wiki wiki wiki..), Inside The Mattress, Salute

Favorite Line: …I tried…I really did, but I couldn’t find a single line or even half a bar that impressed me enough to standout. I’m sorry

There’s Some Flava For Your Ear

  • Dare

P.S. If you have an album that you think I should review, comment on this and tell me what it is!


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