Mixtape Monday!

Here we are again. Miserably maneuvering through the mundanity  that is Monday. Wishing that we had a garbage powered time traveling Delorean that could, once we got the speed up to 88 mph, take us to the end of the week (or at least to right when Thanksgiving dinner is ready). But unless you’ve befriended an eccentric inventor who’s at least three decades older than you and has no other friends save for a dog with a cliched name, then this wish will not be fulfilled.

I *sniffle JUST *hiccup WANTED *sniffle SOME GRAVY!!

Wait don’t cry! I can’t get you your gravy any faster, but I can take your mind off of it with this week’s mixtape review!

Okay so this week’s pick technically isn’t a mixtape it’s an EP, but EPs are basically the mixtapes of the non hip-hop genres. If you have an issue with that reasoning you can gripe about it in the comments and I’ll pretend to take your thoughts into consideration and let you believe that your thoughts an opinions hold any sway over what I write (I’m just kidding, I need you guys please don’t leave me).   I’ve wanted to talk about this artist for a while now. They’re fairly new to me and the music scene in general, but they have made quite the impression. Their debut album, Double Dare dropped at the beginning of this month and  with each additional listen it’s becoming one of my favorite projects of the year. What’s that? I’m not giving enough information? You still don’t know what I’m talking about? Writing questions as if I’m responding to statements that my audience is making as they read is a dumb way to buildup suspense for an obvious reveal, especially when it’s most likely the audience has never heard of the artist I’m talking about in the first place? Oh. Well I’m talking about these guys

He’s a Natural Blue

That’s Otto Wood, Awsten Knight, and Geoff Wigington, also known as the pop punk trio Waterparks. As I said earlier, Waterparks hasn’t been on my radar very long. I first heard about them reading an article that Alternative Press magazine tweeted out during January of this year. The article was an interview with lead singer (and hair dye enthusiast) Awsten Knight. After reading the interview and discovering that the band was from Houston, Texas, and that they had been signed by Joel Madden of  Good Charlotte I decided to check out what they had to offer. What I heard blew me away. It took me back to the first time I had ever heard the sweet saccharine hooks of Fall Out Boy while simultaneously sounding like nothing I had ever heard before. I’ve been listening to this EP for 10 months now and it still doesn’t sound old so I’ve decided to share this masterpiece with the rest of the world.

They get bonus points for having a pool on the album art (Get it? Waterparks…pool…I’ll leave now…)

This is Waterparks’ Cluster EP. It is also the EP that made me a fan almost instantly. Cluster only consists of five tracks, but it serves as the perfect introduction to Waterparks’ patented brand of pop punk. Despite its short duration Cluster displays everything that makes Waterparks’ music so awesome. Catchy singable hooks, earworm melodies that you’ll catch yourself singing at any given, moment, deep introspective lyrics that we can all relate to at some level, this EP (and more importantly) this band has it all. Thematically speaking this EP is sort of all over the place, but this is not a weakness at all. In fact it sort of lends to the relatability ( you can say that’s not a word all you want, but once I click Add To Dictionary it becomes legitimate) of the band. With songs that touch on not being able to forget about someone, being frustrated at  an apparent stagnant point in life, having a crush that will NEVER be requited due to certain circumstances, and the uncertainty that comes with chasing a dream, it’s safe to say that topically speaking this band has their bases well covered.  Overall I think Cluster is a great EP whose only flaw is it’s brevity. It’s poppy overtones make it great to throw on when you’re doing a task like laundry, or cleaning, while it’s lyrics and loud aggressive riffs make it good music to sing out your frustrations to (especially if you’re in the particular situation a song is talking about). So Yeah this EP is pretty sick and the music videos that came with it are even sicker. 

Overall Rating: 8/10 ITS TOO DANG SHORT

Favorite Track: it’s a toss up between Mad All The Time and Pink

Favorite Line: “I feel like I expired in Houston last year, watching my friends finish college while I’m all alone out here”

P.S. Cluster is on Tidal and Apple Music so you really have no excuse to not check it out and comment telling me what you think.

P.P.S  No I didn’t forget I still owe you guys an album review. I’m just busy with school and junk so I haven’t had time to listen to all of your suggestions. BUT continue to leave album recommendations and I promise by the end of this week I’ll have listened to and reviewed an album that you guys suggested. Okay love you bye! (…I said the L word too soon didn’t I?…I ALWAYS DO THAT! *seeks comfort in cats)

There’s some Flava For Your Ear

– Dare


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