Okay guys, so if you’re on the internet at all (which if you’re not…then how are you even reading this…?) then you know that the hashtag that this post is named for stands for Throwback Thursday. Now since a large portion of the music I talk about on this blog isn’t brand spanking new (side note: is that phrase a reference to newborns? Someone get back to me on that. It’s important), my Throwback Thursday posts aren’t going to consist of the typical “lol remember this?!” songs. I think that’s rather boring and expected, so instead I’m going to post fourteen songs that I used to personally jam to in various points of my past.

This, for those who don’t already know, is a time machine. quite possibly the raddest time machine

This week we’re going to land the Tardis (the rad time machine above) in the year 2006, the year when I first picked up a violin, accidentally touched my first boob, and earned $15 at lunch for drinking hand sanitizer. Obviously my judgement wasn’t the best (or was it? I’ve yet to make an easier $15), and with some of the music I was into this becomes even clearer. Some of these I’ve moved on from, and some of these I jam faithfully to this day. You may have never heard of some of these and some you will see and immediately start to shake your head, but only because you too once had terrible taste. Here’s this weeks blast from the past


2 thoughts on “#Tbt

  1. Idk if you’ve ever listened to Glass Animals any, but a review of their newest album How to be a Human Being would be cool. Or Jon Bellion’s The Human Condition. And, of course, as soon as December 2 hits you gotta make a whole huge post about Awaken, My Love! Also, have you reviewed Coloring Book yet? Bc that, too.


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