Tape Tuesday

So it’s Tuesday and if your Monday was anything like mine, then you are in DESPERATE need of a pick me up.

Monday is Vegeta and I am the tool enjoying a hearty knuckle sandwich.

I had originally planned on posting this on Monday as it is the first in a recurring series, but after the beat down I took I figured it’d be best to delay a day and start my Mixtape Monday series on a Tape Tuesday.

So without any further ado, here is my mixtape recommendation for this week.

On my last post I briefly spoke of Chance The Rapper and how his feature on Childish Gambino’s “They Don’t Like Me” was the first time that I had been exposed to his particular brand of awesomeness. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years (In which case say hi to SpongeBob for me) you know that Chance The Rapper has become one of the biggest things in the rap game right now despite not releasing a single album. Shortly after blowing everyone’s minds with his impeccable flow on that Gambino track, he released his sophomore mixtape Acid Rap which garnered him some mainstream success and opened many doors for him. In the past couple of years he’s collaborated with everyone from Justin Beiber and Madonna to Kanye, and this past summer he dropped his third mixtape Coloring Book (Which was so popular and streamed so much that it played a major role in getting the qualifications for a Grammy nomination changed). Chance The Rapper took a look at the music industry, laughed, and began to shape it in his image. It’s important to note that he’s being changing the rules ever since he started, and that’s why this Tape Tuesday we’re going to take a look at his first mixtape: 10 Day.


In his senior year of high school Chancellor Bennett was suspended for 10 days for smoking a joint in the school parking lot. While most of us would’ve spent those days holed up in our rooms watching Netflix and playing 2K, young Chance found a much more productive use of his time. He got into the studio and recorded his first official mixtape.

10 Day really doesn’t get the props it deserves. The tape really speaks to Chance’s musical diversity (something that we would see more evidence of in the future) and each track is still relevant and jammable. There are some songs that give you exactly what you would expect from an 18 year old who’d just had some clashes with authoritative figures. (One of my favorite lines from “Fuck You Tahm Bout” reflects this perfectly “…Gave a high-five to my teacher face, and my principal that fist pound.”) But 10 day is not just the rhyming ramblings of an angsty teen. 10 Day deals with themes of missing those you’ve lost (whether they be a grandmother to sickness or a childhood friend to the effects of inner city gang violence), appreciating mothers and all mother figures, working hard to achieve your dreams rather than just talking about them, longing for the simple days of childhood, and other mature themes. Thematically speaking, this tape was a great indicator that Chance is a man wise beyond his years. Even with the serious tone of some songs, 10 Day is a really fun tape. From “22 Offs” (in which the young rapper, true to title, uses the word off in some way twenty two times as sort of an homage to Jay-Z’s “22 Twos”) to “Juke Juke” which is basically a song about Chance trying to get a girl to come dance with/on him (to a highly dance-able beat might I add) to the aforementioned “Fuck You Tahm Bout” which is basically just Chance venting out some frustrations. Also this tape has some crazy bars, but what else would you expect from Chance The Rapper at any point in his career?

I suggest you check this tape out if you haven’t already, it was a great peek at what was about to come and it’s crazy to see how much Chance has grown as rapper since then. And if you don’t trust my musical judgement, then I implore you to listen and form your own opinion.

Overall rating: 7/10

Standout Tracks: Windows, Juke Juke, Long Time (I&II), Hey Ma

Favorite line: “Some of our teachers act as if summer was for class/ some of us are seeing summer, some of us have passed/ some of us ain’t seeing summer, some of us have passed”

There’s some flava for your ear

  • Dare


Even though I’d like to think of myself as a musical encyclopedia, I can admit that sometimes really dope stuff flies under my radar all the time. So in an effort to prevent that from happening and to make sure that I will be perpetually hip and happenin (…people still say that right? The kid down the street said people still say that), I want you guys to comment with an album you want me to review and every week I’ll pick one and write a review on it. There are no guidelines for the albums that you suggest other than they must be easy to find. I’m a college student and I don’t have a huge amount of time to scour the ends of the earth for music. Other than that there are no statues. The album doesn’t have to be new, or a certain genre, hell it doesn’t even have to be in English!

Okay NOW There’s Some Flava For Your Ear

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11 thoughts on “Tape Tuesday

  1. I had no idea that the reason he named it 10 day was because he was suspended for 10 days lol. I like what you’re doing with this. You should do one on camp! Unless this is specifically for mixtape a and if so do royalty!


  2. Yes yes yes one of the best mixtapes. Definitely a great write-up on it and I’d love to read what you’d have to say about Royalty or STN MTN.


  3. “Ron Gallo on Audiotree Live – EP” isn’t really an album, but I think you’d like it. Or maybe his album Rony. Keep up the blog please and continue to pursue your interests via this medium.


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