Three Thumbs Up!

Hey guys, This will be a reoccurring series that I do from time to time. In this series I’ll briefly discuss three albums that I love, what I love about them, and why I think you should check them out. I’ll try to keep these posts brief, but there’s a possibility that I’ll end up gushing uncontrollably so I apologize in advance.

Me talking about Childish Gambino’s discography

#3 Misadventures – Pierce The Veil


When the artwork looks like something you’d doodle in class, you know you’ve got a winner


Misadventures is Pierce The Veil’s long awaited fourth album that was released in July of 2016. PTV’s last album, the phenomenal Collide With The Sky, was a smash hit (it actually just went gold!) that earned the band a slew of new fans (myself included) and garnered massive crossover success…In 2013. Yep, these guys released their most successful album and then vanished for three years, so of course they had to return with some heat, and boy did they deliver. Misadventures is full of PTV’s signature “Mexicore” sound, blending classic hardcore tropes effortlessly with Spanish guitar licks and Latin rhythms. You go from wanting to mosh to wanting to salsa dance in the same two minutes and thirty seven seconds. What really makes Misadventures  (and really the bands entire discography) stand out to me is how honest and personal the lyrics are. By writing about personal themes such as struggling with depression and self harm, relationships that you should probably get out of but don’t really want to, and dealing with the loss of someone close to you, lead singer and lyricist Vic Fuentes ensures that the listener feels every emotion that he felt while putting his pen to paper. Even if you can’t relate to the exact situation he’s singing about, the earnest way he sings lets you know that everything he is saying is real.

Overall rating: 8/10 it’s dope, BUT THREE YEARS GUYS?! SERIOUSLY?!

#2  Royalty – Childish Gambino

No caption I could ever come up with is worthy

Okay so this is technically a mixtape and not an album, but it needs to be talked about. also IT’S MY BLOG AND I’LL POST ON IT ANYWAY I WANT TO AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT….Except for leave I guess… no please come back. I’ll be nice I promise.

Anyway, Royalty is a mixtape  Childish Gambino (AKA Donald Glover). It’s one of many mixtapes he’s made in his career but it’s the first that he made after signing to Glassnote records, and releasing his debut album Camp. One thing that was noteworthy about Camp is that there were no features. What’s extraordinary about Royalty is the exact opposite. Royalty has more features than Beyoncé has fans… okay so maybe that’s a little bit of a reach but 14 out of 18 tracks featured another artist singing or dishing out some tough bars, and these guests weren’t just some of his actor friends that wanted to support him (though Tina Fey is on the final track). Royalty’s features ranged from Hip-Hop royalty ( no pun intended) GhostFace Killah and Bun-B to relative unknowns like Gonage. The two things that I love about this tape are that Bino doesn’t simply hold his own rapping with Ab-Soul, Nipsey Hustle, and others, but he BODYS. EVERY. SONG. every song is full of slick puns or hard hitting punchlines. Be it a swag rap song like Unnecessary, or a tale of growth and hard work like We Ain’t Them. The second thing I love about this tape is that  it introduced me to some rappers that I had never heard of but would go on to be HUGE. Specifically, Danny Brown and Chance The Rapper. That’s right Bino put Chance on (the two are rumored to have a tape together just chillin in the archives somewhere. hopefully it gets released before I’m 30).

Overall Rating: 9/10 If you haven’t heard this tape you need to reevaluate your life.

#1 Phases – I See Stars

can we take a moment to appreciate how dope this artwork is?

I See Stars is a metal/hardcore band that is known for fusing electronic elements into their music. Their stuff is full of electronic breakdowns, earth shattering screams, and the sickest of drops. On this album none of that is present. Phases is made up of acoustic versions of fan favorite songs, as well as acoustic covers of popular songs like Take Me To Church by Hozier and Latch by Disclosure. I love this album because it really shows the band’s talent as musicians and proves that they don’t just hide behind a gimmick of electronic noise. Also since there isn’t any screaming it lets those who shy away from that kind of thing really focus on the lyrics to their more popular hits. The structuring of the songs are completely different to their original versions and its really mind blowing to listen to a Phases version of a song and then listen to the original right after. This album is perfect for when you wanna wind down and chill out, or even for studying.

Overall Rating: 8/10 I’ve come to like some of the acoustic versions of these songs alot more than the originals and that bothers me for some reason.

There’s some flava for your ear

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