Rad songs

Hey dudes, are you tired of listening to the same seven songs over and over? Do you feel the need for some excitement for your mundane musical life? Are you getting fatigued from reading questions that I’m using as a rhetorical device to make it seem like you have a problem that only I know about and have the answer to so that you’ll be more likely to buy into my proposal? If your answer to all of these questions is yes, then I have the perfect solution for you! Here’s a list of ten songs (in no particular order) that you should check out

10. Dawn Of The Dead – Schoolyard Heroes. (Horrorpunk at its finest)

9. Telephone Calls – A$AP Mob ft. Tyler The Creator. (WANG$AP!!!!)

8. Echoes – Klaxons. ( seriously the chillest song on this list)

7. Cath… – Death Cab For Cutie. (a great example of musical storytelling)

6. Gold Medal Ribbon – Pierce The Veil. (*sobs uncontrollably)

5. Dizzy – Waterparks. (the most heartfelt earworm I’ve ever encountered)

4. Me and Your Mama – Childish Gambino. (BINO’S BACK! *more uncontrollable sobbing)

3. When In Rome – Mac Miller. (perfect for hyping yourself up)

2. Token Eastern Song – Nirvana. (THE. RHYTHM. SECTION. MY GOODNESS)

1. If I Was Your Girlfriend – Prince. (Rest In Purple)


There’s some flava for your ear

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